My journey to running for the State House started with my parents, who showed me the example of service to the community. My father has been the mayor of our town outside of Pittsburgh, PA since I was in elementary school. His commitment to honesty and fairness in leadership extends so far that he carries around a parking ticket in his wallet to prove that “what’s fair is fair, even for the mayor.” My mom has spent her career in public health research, dedicated to the idea that we can all contribute to make our communities healthier. My sister and I were lucky to grow up with examples like our parents, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles, all of whom spent time dedicating themselves to the issues they felt passionately about that made our community better.   


When I started college, I studied music, but I slowly realized that I was more inclined towards a career working directly with people. My first step after graduation was to serve as a volunteer English teacher in Angol, Chile. That’s where I came to personally understand the power education has in shaping lives--and I knew I had found my passion.


I started my journey as a teacher in Washington, DC, but I’ve made my home in Kansas City. I’ve lived in the 24th District since I moved to Kansas City in 2013. In my first job here, I taught math at Guadalupe Centers (Alta Vista) High School on the Westside. My experience working in our school, with the families in our community shaped my view that the resources offered to our schools was not sufficient to meet the needs of our students.


I’ve spent the subsequent years finding ways to provide schools with more resources.  I founded a company to help facilitate feedback between teachers and students. I co-founded a scholarship that helps Kansas City’s undocumented students afford college. I built the data department of a literacy tutoring company that supports 1,000+ struggling readers in Kansas City each year. 


I’ve entered the race because the resources our schools and our communities need are being blocked by our state legislature. I’ve been working to support our district for years, and I’m excited to continue to do so as your next District 24 Representative!






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